Missing: One Hairclip and Some Sweet Goodness

It looks as if I need to drop-in to the nearest Chapters and check out the sewing books. My sister’s sister-in-law works at Chapters, so if I am desperate for one of them, I will make a little order that way and take advantage of the 40% discount. Speaking of my sister, she is heading to Medesto, California with her family to visit her in-laws over Easter. I get to stay home and help my mum with Easter dinner. Not always the most pleasant task as she tends to get worked up about hosting big family dinners. I find this surprising because she is a fabulous cook, and my parents’ house is always impeccably clean and tidy and filled with beautiful things. I think this would make me want to invite people over all the time if only to show off.

The Easter Bunny is giving E a pair of those pretty canvas sneakers that look like ballerina flats. They have a black background with strawberries on them and a little bow on top of her toes. She also likes those Lindor chocolate bunnies, so she gets one of those as well – the girl has got good taste! B would not want shoes for Easter, so she will be getting some Littlest Pet accessories. Oh, she loves her Littlest Pet Pet Shop that Santa gave her. In the chocolate department, B prefers Kinder Eggs, so she will be happy. In addition to their gifts, the Easter Bunny tucks those little pastel foiled chocolate eggs in every corner of the living room for a wee bit of a hunt. Following that, we will have a breakfast worthy of kings and queens! I am probably going to feel like a slug on Sunday! A big ol’ Easter slug. My vice is I like to eat.

The word vice makes me think of Miami Vice, and when I was younger, I had a sweatshirt with Miami Mice on the front, and the sweatshirt had matching stirrup pants that I couldn’t wear because my legs were too long, and the crotch would hang tight at my knees, and the crack of my ass would show. Needless to say, I wore the sweatshirt with jeans. Imagine Crockett and Tubs as cartoon mice. Oh, how I miss the 80’s.

What will you and T do this weekend?