To the Market & Library

Happy Easter Saturday, T.

The girls and I dyed the brown eggs contrary to my assumption that they would turn out as pastel dirt colours. A little pat on my back - I think they turned out just beautifully! I would paint walls these colours.

And some sad news - the piano is being moved out next week. I threw it up on freecycle last week to make room for a dining room buffet from Bob Loblaws. This house is too small to hold a neglected piano. I had hopes that E would start playing again, but it only gets a good pounding every now and then when B pops open the lid and plunks her wee fingers on a couple of keys. I know that I could mould B into a little piano player, but I would rather have some shelves and drawers for my good linen and dishes, etc.

In knitting news, I am working vigilantly on a baby feather'n'fan blankie in white acrylic. It's only a four-row pattern, and two of those are straight knit, so that's nice, but I am deathly afraid that I will screw up the lacey row - one miscount and it's going to get frogged. I just know it. It's already been torn out twice.

I should go get dressed. The girls and I are heading to the library to return some books and pick up others. We then have to hit the market as I am in charge of the vegetable tray for Easter dinner tomorrow and fresh bread. My mum and I agreed on buns, but I might switch it up for some Golden Flax at Remark. Mmmm. My favourite! It's still frickin' snowing. What's up with that?