The Excellent-tastic Day Continues

El and I decorated her birthday card invites using a pdf. template from How About Orange.

The Bee and I made more cupcakes using homemade, fresh from the cardboard box, classic Duncan Hines Extra Moist cake powder. T, you can't compete with me - I've bought up the grocery store!

And introducing my Charade sock on two circs! First time! I am loving the yarn, the pattern and the method!! That being said, I am nearly sick of the over-use of exclamation points in this post as well as the last. Settle down, me.

I think we're finally caught up! Oh, I am still only 12 rows into the Woodland Shawl using my bee-utiful Louet from Robyn. I'll take pictures to prove it once it is a bit more substantial than one giant inch.



Julie Andrews Ain’t Got Nothing on Me

Things that are making me happy today:

:: Junk email subject lines like ‘chowder wasteland bronx’

:: A burnt brown casserole dish returned sparkling clean – I’m talking a decade of dirt just gone!

:: Crème Brule-flavoured coffee spiked with loads of caffeine.

:: A cartoon cat baby expected to be born any day south of the border

:: Coming to the rescue at the lift with special gloves

:: Eating a nutritiously green and fruity lunch with a room-temp yogurt

:: The prospect of baking and decorating vanilla cupcakes with the Bee

:: Early preparation of Valentine’s Day cards for the littlest’s friends

:: A pile of snow on its way – please feel free to strand me at home for the day, Big Snow!

:: No engagements this evening – instead I get to clean!

:: A long-anticipated hold has arrived at the library. Woo-hoo! Simple French Sewing With a Twist!

:: Hearing hearty guffaws when my co-workers read my emails

:: Spicy cinnamon heart bon bons

:: Pretty desktop wallpaper courtesy of Tess McCabe

:: Homemade spaghetti sauce thawing in the fridge

:: A pile of knitting in front of the fireplace waiting for me at home

:: Getting my grandpa’s telephone answering machine – That guy is too prankster for me.

All in all, it’s going to be a excellent-tastic day!


Not a Day Over 29

Today T turns 29 and while he was in class I whipped up a birthday cake. Sometimes I think that a birthday cake should just look like a birthday cake, know what I mean?Unfortunately, in my attempt to make the cake look more masculine by adding leaves around the boarder, it looks more like a houseplant decided to have its babies on T's marble cake. Oh well, at least it'll taste good!

Cast On!

Forget my long-winding queue! On your mark, get set, GO!


Ready and Willing

Dear N,

Happy Saturday to you. Well, it looks like your Newfie mitten pattern is a big hit in the Ravelry community. Woohoo! It really is a cool pattern and I'm curious to see who else jumps on the Newfie mitten wagon.

Today I took a walk down to my LYS outlet, which is an easy fifteen minute walk from our house and on a lovely, sunny Saturday I was more than happy to be out, hacking cough and all. The yarn store that used to be there closed down about three months ago to my dismay. Grant it I didn't frequent that store too much but it was nice to have around. Then about a month ago it reopened as a yarn outlet of the LYS that I usually go to. How great is that? Everything in the store is 50% off all the time! Anyway, I picked up two skeins of Italian cotton in double knit and we are ready for our Woodland KAL. Just say the word and I'll cast on!

Adrienne Vittadini 100% cotton in soft blue (perfect for spring!)

1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Tell Me That You Love Me More

Oh T, I love your organizational goodness happening in the den! It made me want to visit the IKEA website during work hours. I managed to hold back, but plan to do some surfing when I get home.

This week, I had a lovely evening once again with friends. J threw a log into the fireplace, and the living room was brightly lit and toasty – perfect conditions for knitting and catching up. The children were appropriately pooped from a long studious day spent at school, and apart from the endless chatting going on, the house was peaceful. Tea and coffee was served along with some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and orange & cranberry shortbread. It was quite delightful. I could host these gatherings all the time if I didn’t feel like such a hog about it. I really enjoy not having to go out on the roads after the hoopla trying to get home from work each night. It’s definitely worth any trouble I go to. One might say that washing the kitchen floors and cleaning the bathroom sink should be done on a regular basis, and if I hold all the weekly gatherings, I guess it will become routine. I like that the house is always cleaner after company comes.

The Knitty Winter Surprise is up! The three bonus patterns look very pretty, especially the skirt. It made me think of T’s skirt which I hear is progressing quite nicely. I received my Robyn’s Nest order of three hanks of Louet Gem fingering weight merino wool in teal last night, and I am over-the-moon thrilled with how soft the wool is and how deep the colour is. It’s perfect for my Woodland Shawl. And to top it off, it’s superwash! Woo-hoo! I also ordered some sport-weight Briggs & Little wool in a bright turquoise that El said looked ‘cool’ – maybe some pre-teen socks? What are pre-teen socks? I have no idea. I just made that up.

I am sipping the most wonderful cranberry tea. I just called home, and B told me that she tooted. Oh, to be 5 again!


Lion's Den

Dear N,

I am counting the days until I have to go back to work, and counting the tasks that need to get done before I'm back to having just the weekends to do anything. One task that was weighing on both T and I was finishing the spare room. For about a year it was a catchall for, I guess, "all". The space was not very well used and no one really wanted to spend any time in it. We were forced to overhaul it when T's parents came to visit us and we needed to get a queen sized futon to fit in it and make it a welcoming space for them. Almost another year later and a few trips to IKEA, I am happy to say that we're done and we like it.The book shelf and credenza are both from the Besta line. We chose it because although it's constructed in IKEA's usual mediocre quality, it's got substance and the beauty of it is that it can be added upon with other Besta modules.

The credenza is mine and, not surprisingly, is filled with yarn and craft materials.

No new knitting to report. I am patiently awaiting my copy of Fitted Knits to arrive from Amazon. I shall consider it a birthday present for my twenties slowly slip away. Sniff, sniff.

Sallying Forth

T is back to classes today. After I dropped him off at the U I went and ran some errands and when I came home to check the mail, low and behold, my employment authorization card had arrived!
I still don't know whether to be happy or totally bummed out (although I don't look all too pleased in the mugshot). I think I'm both. My days as a domestic goddess are over and it's back to setting the alarm for 7:08 a.m. and trying to figure out what wear and pack for lunch. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to be working, it's just hard to do so after such a long break. I am pleased that our immigration application is moving along and that we wont have to deal with it any more very soon. Now, if only I could vote in this country....

A Sustainable Future

I’m warmed by the response to the Newfie Mitten pattern. However, I can’t really take credit for the pattern. I was bestowed this wonderful gift by a local yarn store owner who was trying to spread Newfie Mitten love by copying a scribbley sheet. I checked online, and I couldn’t find the pattern anywhere – especially in the Ravelry pattern database. So consider it a much-loved and worn pattern passed down through the ages, and now stored electronically, never to be lost. It’s a fun knit and considerably easy. I am committed to knitting the next pair in 100% wool rather than the prototype’s 100% acrylic. I can just imagine how warm my hands will be.

I had a most lovely Sunday afternoon with some knitting peeps at the Covent Garden Market despite the parking issues brought on by an onslaught of die-hard hockey fans. Sheesh! Next time I drop in downtown, I plan on being there an hour earlier to guarantee a parking spot. The highlight was a long-awaited pot of Sunday Tea from the Tea Haus. It was very aromatic. We did sample some Apple Pie Rooibos that gave the Sunday Tea a run for its money. My peeps would like to order the Pina Colada tea next time, but I think that’s just dead wrong – why not just get the real thing? There must be a ton of sleazy bars surrounding the market. Oh yis!

I have just discovered a discussion thread on the Canadian Knitters ravelry group titled “Destashing and ISOs”, and I am very afraid. ISOs, I’ve also just learned, means ‘In search of . . .”. Did you know that you can just take advantage of these knitters and score skeins and skeins of beautiful and expensive wool for a fraction of the retail price so that they can make more room in their stashes for more beautiful and expensive wool??? Oh dear. I could buy Fleece Artist merino and silk sock yarn for $15!!! NO! Someone bust my computer now. I can’t take anymore of this.

I am back to birthday planning. The eldest is turning 12 in a few weeks. You wouldn’t believe the hoopla caused already surrounding party planning. She wants only 100 of her closest friends to come over for a gigantically long sleepover, and I am down with maybe 97 less that figure with no sleep privileges. When I suggested limiting the party to FIVE mother-flippin’ hours, she had a meltdown. I’m going to give it a few more days before we revisit that discussion. Good heavens, what a mess!

Must remember to pick up milk and cat food on the way home, or I am in super big trouble.


Free Newfie Mitten Pattern

Newfie Mitten
Size: Adult
· 2 colours of worsted weight yarn – preferably a light and a dark
· Set of 4 -4mm double pointed needles
· Stitch holder or large safety pin or even some scrap yarn

Pattern 1: *k4, sl2* repeat
Pattern 2: k1, sl2, *k4, sl2* repeat

Notes: Slip slipped stitches purl-wise.

With colour A, cast on 40 sts. Rib in K2, P2 for 3 inches increasing to 42 sts on the last round. Do not cut off colour A.

Join colour B and work 5 rounds of Pattern 1. Purl 2 rounds with colour A.

With colour B, work 5 rounds of Pattern 2, and purl 2 rounds with colour A.

With colour B, work 5 rounds of Pattern 1, and purl 2 rounds with colour A.

With colour B, work 5 rounds of Pattern 2, and purl 1 round with colour A.

Next round (Thumb): P3, slip next 6 sts to a holder, cast on 6 sts, and complete purl round.

Continue working until 7 more patterns are complete – alternating Pattern 1 and Pattern 2 with 2 purl rows of colour A after each pattern.

To decrease:
Row 1: *K4, K2tog* repeat
Row 2: *K3, K2tog* repeat
Row 3: *K2, K2tog* repeat
Row 4: *K1, K2tog* repeat
Row 5: * K2tog* repeat
Draw up stitches and fasten off.

Slip 6 stitches from holder, pick up and knit 8 more stitches (14 sts). Divide on three dpns. Work in stockinette stitch 2 ¼ inches or until desired length.

To decrease:
Row 1 *K2, K2tog* repeat
Row 2 *K2tog* repeat
Draw up stitches and fasten off. ENJOY!!

For child’s mitten – Cast on 30 sts. Work thumb on 7th row of Pattern 2, and work 4 more patterns for hand. 12 sts for thumb.

For larger child’s mitten – Cast on 36 sts. Work thumb on 3rd Pattern, and 7 more patterns for hand, and 14 sts for thumb.

Sugar Babies

This is a baby themed post. Well, not actual babies, although it does lead, in the end, to actual babies. I have a bunch of friends and coworkers who are all expecting in a few months and I have been scouring the internet for more baby patterns. I've already casted on for a feather and fan blanket in white for one friend who doesn't yet know the sex of her baby. I think blankets make nice gifts and all of the blankets that I've gifted have been put to good use.This weekend I made my first commissioned baby shower cake for the daughter of a friend/coworker. The shower was for two expectant moms, one having a boy and one having a girl. I needed to make a cake that would be appropriate for both and made this one with little angels floating around it holding piping bags.I am pleased with it and as usual went a little overboard and made these tiny babies out of fondant.They make me laugh. They got placed in the silver gazebo on top. I thought it may be a little creepy but T insisted that the babies be included on the cake. I hope someone eats them.

I'm not sure if it's as cold where you are as it is here but hope that you're staying warm and sane.


Top of the muffin to you!

My Ravelry queue is getting crazy and super long! What’s a girl to do, but add more! And to top it off, London Yarns just sent out their reminder about the Clockwatcher’s Sale on January 26! I do NOT need more yarn, but how can I not go? Oh dear. So despite whining that I have enough yarn to last me a lifetime, don’t despair, I will be there.

I have officially joined the Forest City Knitters group. I paid my annual dues, and I am very excited about getting to know these ladies better. I feel very welcome and part of the group already. It could be because I dragged the rest of my posse there as well, but nevertheless they feel like a new-found family.

Rather than continue to ramble on about the mundane goings on around here, I searched out some cool links to share.

- A tiny pin cushion tutorial.

- Bookmarks with vintage fabric.

- Remember these snowflakes that Grace taught us to make for the Winter Celebration Diversity Display?

Happy Thursday!


Alligators and Avocados

Dear N,

I'm back! The suitcases are unpacked, the laundry has been done and groceries bought. It's back to normal for us and surprisingly, it's not so bad. Even though the snow is suppose to come through tomorrow and it's at least 30 degrees (Celsius) colder than Miami was it's always nice to come home. Of course we are leaving behind this:And waking up every morning to this:And avoiding these dangerous yet beautiful jellyfish:But at least I no longer have to come across these guys on a hiking trail in the Everglades:
And I have these amazingly huge avocados still to eat.

I swear these are as big as my face and I would've totally given you one if we lived in the same city. The biggest one that we brought home weighs in at a whopping five pounds and could easily make the biggest mound of N's delicious guacamole ever. So satisfying.

So, Florida was really amazing, especially the Everglades and coming so close to alligators. T and I had a hoot just hanging around and being beach bums all day. You should be happy to know that Pepto Sock also had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the view from our Fort Lauderdale hotel room!

Resolution Evolution

I’ve always been one to make my resolutions mid-January. I start making the list New Year’s Day, but I like to hear what everyone else is doing first. Perhaps it’s because I am cheered on by the gads of resolution makers, and hey, I love to hop on everyone else’s train. I’ve always been more of a follower rather than a leader, and New Year’s resolutions are no exception. Other people’s resolutions are rather inspiring, don’t you think?

So I have come up with a ‘queue of resolutions’ for both T and me. It was always a joint-dream of ours to one day knit socks, and I have whipped up two pairs to date, and T is in the midst of sock #1, so I believe we can scratch that off the list as completed. 2007 was also the year we got drop spindles and wool roving. We have yet to learn how to spin. Spinning makes the queue. Intarsia or fair isle knitting is something else that I have yet to achieve. And next week, I shall have a load of sock-sized Addi Turbos in hand to begin knitting socks on two circs – a new way of knitting in the round. It is definitely a thrilling prospect. T knits in the round using the magic loop method, and I am also curious to learn how to knit that way as well. On the other hand, T can’t knit on double-pointed needles – this is after we hid out in the building and risked our jobs so that I could show her how! I admit that knitting with double-pointed needles was not love at first sight for me either.

2008 Queue of Knitting Resolutions
· Fair Isle/Intarsia
· Socks on Circs (N) and Dpns (T)
· Lace
· Spinning

I believe these are achievable if we put our minds to it, and we have so much more support now than when we started blogging last year. We are going to be even more awesome by the end of this year. Woo-hoo! 2007 was also the year I built up my stash, so 2008 should be the year that I try to make a dent in it. This should be made easier by the mountain of patterns in Ravelry – I just need to key in the yarn, and search the pattern ideas and project list. Easy peasy.



I never did find my carefully laid out 2008 monthly planner, but as luck would have it, J brought the exact same monthly planner home from work with all of his work shifts already inputted by hand. I think I should take credit for this attempt at orderliness. Perhaps my organizational skills are rubbing off on him after all. Of course, I took over the planner and inputted all of B’s child care and kindergarten days in it too (for his sake naturally), and the planner is now always at MY arm’s length. It is always available if he would like to take a peek at it. Poor guy. I am sure he tries to help, but it would seem that his plans to have his own planner have been thwarted. There’s really no use to us having two planners. Consider it a ‘Family’ Planner (where I schedule and input everything, and he just needs to do as I say). Sound good? Yeah, I think so.

I feel that sometimes I am wrapped up so much in my own personal day-to-day turmoil (mostly nonsense and silly stuff that isn't worth sweating like a lost planner) that maybe I am missing recognizing my friends and relatives' serious and sometimes painful issues. I mean, I sometimes say the wrong words or act silly and awk-mo or I completely forget (selective memory) or better yet, when I am the listener in a serious conversation, I frequently zone out trying to come up with appropriate words or a face to make to show that I really do care. I actually get so anxious that I might come off insincere that I completely miss the specifics and come off looking like an ass because I have to ask the poor soul to repeat their whole ordeal again. I wish that compassion was more natural and smooth for me. I am exceptionally lucky to work with the most sincere and caring people in the world. It's very easy to feel like a klutz around these women. I am sure T can attest to this ! I guess I just want the people I know for real to know that I try so hard, and it might look like I don't care at all, but the truth is all these realities keep me up at night. T once called me stranded at a motel in the most dire of straits, and I couldn't talk because I was laughing uncontrollably. That's what I do.

This afternoon I decided how I would recognize one special co-worker I know going through a very difficult time by dedicating my first lace project to them. I know that I promised T we would work on the Woodland Shawl together very soon, but I know she would understand. I was thinking of something quick, not too much pattern following - a wide comforting shawl that I could use my Knit Picks Shadow lace-weight merino wool. I came up with Elizabeth Zimmerman's Pi Shawl - I have the Knitter's Almanac, so this is perfect. I can make it as simple as I want. I have to count rows, but that's not horrible. It's doable. It's simply knitting in a circle, and I can handle that. How long could it possibly take? Maybe unconscientiously I needed to learn to knit so that rather than relying on words of comfort and making the right gestures, I can hand over a knitted item that speaks volumes about how much I care. Because I do care - a whole lot actually.
Here's proof that I did indeed swatch - albeit backwards. Turns out the first size of needles I swatched on were closest to gauge, and yet I continued to swatch with three other sized needles. Brilliant! This is my Rowan Soft Tweed in Twig for my Drops Cardigan . Feel free to ooh and ahh.

And look what Em brought back for me from the France pavillion at Epcot! A Manet original. Manet really painted this mug - I am most certain it is a relic. A relic in which I will relish sipping my peppermint tea. She also gifted me some sweet 'bon bons'. Only Em would be able to find a suitably classy 'cadeau' from a Disney gift shop! Isn't my 'tasse' most lovely? Merci beaucoup, Em.

Here's my slow progress on the Newfie Mitten. I just have the thumb to go. Well, and the matching mitten.Well, I just remembered that J recorded some 30 Rock for me to watch. He likes me.


Love Song

Seems I have a bad case of the "incompletey's" 'cause I got lots of works-in-progress goin' on.

Look at what I have cast on next. They're Newfie Mittens, and I stumbled upon them at Parkspin in St. Thomas, and the owner was kind enough to share a hand-scrawled pattern. Once I knit the pair, I will try to key the pattern into a pdf or something to share with everyone. Think ball-band dishcloth turned mitten! The yarn is some Bernat Satin I had in the stash.

I got an email from T, and she is relaxing on some beach surrounded by ocean and quite content as she should be. All the snow here has melted, but it is still chilly. I am looking forward to the spring!

And because I feel like I need to spread the love, please watch my new favourite song to sing at the top of my lungs and shake my arms in the air like I just don't care! It feels so good!



The littlest had a dentist appointment this afternoon that has been wreaking havoc on my nerves. Needless to say, it went horribly. This time she was sedated with an purple oral concoction that was hard to swallow and then gassed. I should be proud of the spunk that this kid has, but it is also heart-wrenching since another appointment had to be scheduled since she fought tooth and nail to get out of the chair the entire time while screaming murderously. This little ninja was heavily drugged, and yet it took two grown men to pin her in the chair. I am impressed. I elected to remain in the reception area and listen to the blood-curdling screams with the terrified little gaffers that were next in line. Her father is much better in these scenarios than I am. When we got home she gobbled up three chicken strips and a mountain of buttered noodles, and she was fine again. I, on the other hand, am dreading the next visit three months from now like the plague.

To calm myself, I decided, completely on a whim, to drop in at my local library for its twice-monthly knitting group. There were only three of us, and I was able to knit a few inches on Pepto Sock #2 while I sipped on some lemon decaf tea. It was lovely.

I do have some legwarmers to show off. I whipped these up for El as she is too cool for snowpants at the dear sweet age of 11. She didn't mind these at all. In fact, I think she was a little excited to wear them. I used some leftover Bernat Softee Chunky acrylic from the Buttony. (They even fit my legs quite nicely - this is very important as the lifespan of all clothing items are very short for a cool pre-adolescent female.)

I'm off to bed. I am exhausted. G'night!


PS. I tried out that desk calendar from the link in the last post, and woo-hoo! Ingenius!


Dear N,

Tomorrow T and I leave for Miami for a six day get away. So long to the Minnesota snow and hello to the sandy beaches of Florida! We are very excited and will not be bringing the laptop with us on this trip, which is a first. So, my dear N, I will leave you and our readers with some fun links until I return.

This is a cute little tea cozy pattern to try since one of your New Years resolutions is to try intarsia (via Craft Leftovers).

My sister makes this easy and delicious cracker candy for Christmas but who says you can't whip them up for a little treat for the office ladies?

Again, a little late for Christmas but these adorable mushroom ornaments would look equally cute on a potted plant or in little groupings around the house for added everyday sparkle.

Free printable 2008 desk calendar from Blueprint. I hope you find your agenda soon, if not you could carry one of these around in your bag, wouldn't that be funny?

I need to make one of these terrariums when I get back from vacation. Amy over at Angry Chicken got such a lovely one for Christmas.

Off to do some laundry and pack my bags. Thanks for blogging in my absence N!


Ribbed Queasiness

It fits perfectly! One down, one more to go. Do you like the outfit she picked out to wear today? I am loving those stripey tights. My knitting will be slowing down starting tomorrow - it's back to work. Ugh. We're on our way to the grocery store - we need to stock up on lunch supplies like juicy drinking boxes and bread and stuff. Woo-hoo! It's also time for the girls to go back to school.

A Teddy Bear's Birthday

Today was Cherry's birthday. According to B, she turned 4 years old. So we naturally did what any family would do, and we baked a cake and lots of cupcakes, wrapped up presents and hid them (because it was a surprise for Cherry), coloured a pretty card, and played party games like Candyland (I won!!!). B drew up quite an elaborate plan for the party which impressed me to no end. Admittedly, I had to kabosh the jewellery heist portion (this involved sneaking into El's room to steal bead bracelets). It wasn't worth the wrath of El. Of course, good times were had, but the batteries in the camera were recharging, and I was unable to capture all the fun. The picture above was taken a week ago when B and Erica Bear made and dressed Cherry. It was super exciting let me tell you!

Below is the pepto pink ribbed sock I started for B. I finished it up an hour ago - the batteries are STILL recharging. B quite likes it and promptly inquired about sock #2. Cripey, it's coming already! Give your poor mum a break!
Have you ever eaten unsalted pretzels? I thought they would still be tasty without the salt, but it turns out they're all about the salt. That's weird.

Pepto Sock Round 2

Dear N,

It was as I had feared, socks are hard. Real hard. Especially when your first attempt at knitting a sock is using a pattern written for dpns and you are a magic looper. Pepto sock attempt #1 was frogged and Pepto sock attempt #2 had begun.This time I am using this pattern from Lion Brand. I read it over and it looks like I can knit it using magic loop without having to do too much gymnastics. This may not be the year of the sock for me. One can only wait and see.

I finally got my copy of Fitted Knits from the library and I am loving it. I am all over these patterns. If the LPL has this book, you must immediately go online and put a copy on hold. These patterns are so beautiful and even the most challenging patterns can be knit if you have some intermediate knitting skills and have done raglan increases. There are at least four or five patterns in this book that I am dying to knit. I think I am going to have to see if I can get it for a bargain on Amazon. Loving this little puffed sleeve cardigan from Fittled Knits: 25 Designs for the Fashionable Knitter.

The Raptors game is coming on tv since they are playing the Timberwolves tonight. Go Rapts! Bye for now!


A Good Start

Happy New Year's, everyone! I'm a little late! Our Eve was spent soaking up good sisterly comraderie and exquisite food in Brantford. I stayed up all night only because B ended up with ANOTHER ear infection, and the two of us chilled out in the emergency room AGAIN for four hours on New Year's Day. It was brilliant! I believe people cheered when they called B's name after I settled in my chair for the night.
Today the girls and I took a little drive out to St. Thomas and popped into Parkspin, and I bought two hanks of Briggs & Little Durasport sock yarn - one is Bluejean and the other, Oatmeal. There's a heck of a lot of yardage on these babies for the money. Sweet Bejeezus. Mm-m mmmm. I am loving "The Year of the Sock" already.

And maybe because I was feeling the thrill of the treasure hunt, we also dropped into a thrift shop, and I picked up this lovely knitting basket for $2! Doesn't it just scream 'me'?
And in between knitting boring stockinette legwarmers for El, I have been chugging along on a golden sleeve for B's placket neck sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. The yarn is Bernat Berella which I believe is The Afghan Yarn and 100% of the finest acrylic on the market, but as it is for little messy B, it's probably for the best. Plus how could I resist this 70's retro yellow? I believe our oven and fridge were this colour growing up. It's taking me back. Sweet!
And just because I can't allow you to go at the Pepto sock alone, I foolishly cast on a Pepto pink ribbed sock late last night for the Bumble B too! Are you up for a little competition?


Happy 2008!

Happy New Year to you N! Much health and happiness to everyone out there.

T and I spent New Years Eve curled up on the sofa and toasted in the year with two mugs of Neo Citran. We were both nursing colds and had to decline party invitations. At least we stayed up until 12:00 but were pretty much passed out soon after. Hope you guys had a more eventful and healthier time than we did.

To begin the new year I have casted on for the Lacy Skirt with Bows from Knit Cafe. I have been waiting to knit this since I bought the yarn at Knit Cafe in August. I think I'm a little rusty with my pattern reading because I had to start and then frog it four times before finally realizing that no, it's not the pattern that's wrong, it's me. Beware of those comas that separate a "yo" from a "ssk twice". Ugh.Here I am on the third lace panel. The yarn is Twisted Sister Daktari in Capuccino, which is what the pattern calls for. Did I mention that nubbly yarn is lovely to look at but a pain to knit with?

The sock is coming along, well, actually, let me save that for another post.

Time to take the Christmas tree down. That always makes me sad. Well, here's to another successful year of crafting and knitting and blogging with you, N!