Love Song

Seems I have a bad case of the "incompletey's" 'cause I got lots of works-in-progress goin' on.

Look at what I have cast on next. They're Newfie Mittens, and I stumbled upon them at Parkspin in St. Thomas, and the owner was kind enough to share a hand-scrawled pattern. Once I knit the pair, I will try to key the pattern into a pdf or something to share with everyone. Think ball-band dishcloth turned mitten! The yarn is some Bernat Satin I had in the stash.

I got an email from T, and she is relaxing on some beach surrounded by ocean and quite content as she should be. All the snow here has melted, but it is still chilly. I am looking forward to the spring!

And because I feel like I need to spread the love, please watch my new favourite song to sing at the top of my lungs and shake my arms in the air like I just don't care! It feels so good!



Montreal Mama said...

Those mittens are gorgeous! Cool pattern! Do share the pattern! Thanks!