Be Appropriate

Glad to see you made it, T! I was getting worried. Old pictures are totally acceptable, and the first thing I noticed about yours was the pink Kitchen Aid. Very posh!

We're all just hanging about today. I may get out the sewing machine, and finish seaming the front of L's quilt. I took a picture of it last week when I was setting out the eventual pattern and I did not want to forget what looked best, but alas, the picture was too fuzzy or blurry may be a better word.

When I was providing childminding last week for yet another meeting at work, one of the mums kissed her children good-bye and noted to each of them to 'Be appropriate for Ms. N'. Is 'Be good.' out? You know how much I like to be on top of these trends. Is it appropriate to ask your children to be appropriate?

I am plugging away at the cabled wrap, and no, I have no idea who shall be the recipient of this fine piece of work. It may be just fine draped over the arm of the white sofa. Who knows? I will know better once I crochet the edges. That's right. I am learning to crochet. Currently, I am practising on some old fo's and my stash of acrylic. Eek. Not a pleasant task, I can assure you. While looking for my Manos del Uruguay that I purchased just before Christmas, I found the sock I started eons ago. It is still so short! I found the Manos, and I am planning to make a couple of toques, but need to wind it into balls and measure some heads. I am still recovering from J's too-giant toque for his abnormally enormous cranium. I have become a joke around here. Must prove to them they are all wrong and mean.

Here's the too-small hat I knit for B. I will give it to Denice on Tuesday for Baby Ciara. It looks just like the picture in the book, but I should have stuffed it so that it would stand taller, and you would be able to see the eyelet row. The pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts has an error in the eyelet row - it is either missing one hole or has one hole too many because when I was weaving the i-cord through the holes, the end of the i-cord ended up on the inside of the hat. Well that didn't work. So if you do decide to knit this one up, and believe me, it's easy, somehow work out the hole issue first. I used Mission Falls in coral - only one skein! Remember the grey Mission Falls I bought when I took you to London Yarns the first time? I started knitting another baby hat pattern, but I think I may rip it out, and knit up one of these babies. I also have a purple skein somewhere as well.

I am listening to The Last Kiss soundtrack, and it is so pretty. Isn't Zach Braff just pretty? I haven't seen the movie, but the songs are so dreamy. This reminds me that I should see if the library has the soundtrack to Garden State - I have the Postal Service CD, but I am sure there were other songs on the soundtrack that I would certainly love. Hmm. I am reminded of a Kids in the Hall skit where this outlandish music snob declares that soundtracks and Best ofs are for little girls and housewives! So what if I am?