Sundry and Illegal Swimming

Dear N,

Last night I hand felted my first "One Skein" bowl and holy crap was that a lot of work. My arm muscles are clearly under-developed and not made for such hard labour. I can barely type today but will endure the pain for your reading pleasure.

The bowl turned out nicely and ready for my sundries. What a lovely word "sundry" is. It just sums it all up. Another word that I find amusing is "ascertain". It always reminds me of my favourite Kids in the Hall skit about this guy who receives complaints from his co-workers for over using the word "ascertain". T and I snicker immaturely every time we hear someone use it in public. Also the word "detritus".

Today is T's birthday. He has made a special request for dinner and I have whipped up creme caramels for dessert. He also wants to go to the Sheratin and swim in their pool and hot tub. I'm not so sure about this. What if we get caught? I'm so a by-the-rules kind of girl. I'd be so mortified if the Sheratin people caught us and we are escorted out of the hotel, never to return again. Maybe I should try to talk him out of going. Maybe I should just relax and do something rebellious. I'll let you know what happens tonight (unless I'm behind bars).