Clean Tretorns

Dear T

I finished knitting up the Lopi bowl, and I took 'before felting' pictures, but now the computer won't 'read' the camera, and J is grunting and groaning. That can't be good. The bowl has been through the washer and is now being air-dried and shaped. It was a super easy project, and although I knit it up on two straight needles because I didn't have the right size circs, it worked up just fine. I can't wait to show it to everyone. People will bow down to the bowl. And my sneakers are washed and bright white!

My cousin called me, and she asked ME to decorate her wedding cupcakes! ME! I was thrilled because she has style and taste, and yet she still asked ME!! I may have lots of questions, but for now I will await pictures of what they are to look like. The wedding isn't until June, so I still have a while to stew about it. How did your wedding cake consultation go? Why didn't I ever invite both you and T over for dinner? Maybe I was scared I would scare you guys off with my smothering and oozing enthusiasm for everything weird.

I ripped Tim's CD onto the computer last night, so I have a back-up should anything horrid happen to the CD. I can't believe that I waited this long to run this quick, super easy preventative measure! Anyway, I think I will be able to sleep at night once again.

J is reading B a bedtime story, and I need to listen carefully and ensure he isn't making up the story as he goes. I wouldn't be surprised if Belle cuts the cheese and needs to light a match!

Good night.