"Explore Minnesota"

Dear N,

You'd be so proud of me! I passed my Minnesota drivers license knowledge test this morning with a perfect score! Hooray! I had a lot of anxiety over it as it's been ten years since I last wrote one of these darn things. It's a huge relief and I was even able to register my car and get Minnesota plates today. Stuff like this just takes more time and energy than it should and I'm glad it's done. I will keep my Ontario plates though and cherish them. After all, Ontario is yours to discover.

My knitted cupcake hat is done. I took a picture but still can't get it downloaded onto the computer. The in-laws are coming down to visit in a couple of weeks and I think they have the software so I'll have to ask them to bring it down. Anyway, I am very pleased with the way the hat turned out--just like in the picture! I also started on this baby blanket for my future neice/nephew. I think it's so pretty and cables are really fun to knit. I think you would agree with me on that one. I started it tonight and couldn't stop knitting. My fingers are so cramped I had to stop.

I laughed at the picture in your last post. We're sorry we left you. Please come visit us!

Here is my random picture, taken from the balcony of my parent's home in Vancouver.

Hope you are well.