Mondays are s'Not Fun Days

Hello T.

I was very excited to wear my new winter coat from H&M this morning and was doing my best not to get it grungey by rubbing up against the Focus and B's dirty boots, but my cautiousness became my Achilles heel. In a moment of extreme generosity - I held open the door for another parent at B's child care centre - I fell down for what seemed like ten minutes due to the extreme slipperiness of the new nylon and the delicate and dirty bundle in my arms - plus I was wearing a pair of those darn shoes with no treads! A perfect recipe for guaranteed disaster. People kept moving along around me lying (or laying) sprawled out on the floor in my beautiful coat. I no longer looked so hip or fashionable. While I laid (or lay) there, I thought seriously about staying there and not going on with my Monday, but B said, flatly and not looking at all amused, "Get up, Mum." And so I did, with a hasty brush to my coat, like nothing happened. I do recall cursing mildly under my breath to no one in particular.

The rest of my day was filled with small shortfalls - I forgot the wrap I was dying to showcase, I lost my breakfast pita that I set out for lunch, and I sent off a zillion emails requiring responses and received none. I am glad it's nearly over.

What holiday weekend is next? I loved your links - who knew there was a world of cupcakes out there begging to be baked? And the square boiled egg inspired me to boil my last four eggs! Well done. I was nearly cheered up except that after my little boiling episode, I found a tasty recipe for carrot cake, but I no longer had the four eggs it required. So how many hours separate us? Am I ahead or behind? Can you tell that I not a geographical scholar? And get on that camera for Tod's sake!

As for total crafting accomplished this weekend, I only have three more LONG seams to iron, pin and sew on the front of the quilt. I began a felted bowl from One Skein in that stinky Lopi wool that you spotted when we were Goodwill hunting for little mason jars. Man, is it ever gross to work with. And greasy. I seriously can not wait to throw that bad boy in the washer!

And now, a picture for the post!