Fruit Loops

This morning I was off-handedly telling B that I would pick her up after work this afternoon when her face crumpled, and she began to sob uncontrollably. When I gathered her up in my arms and asked her what was wrong, she stopped crying just long enough to ask ‘But who is going to brush me off?”. The poor thing thought she was going to fall down – literally! I am going to miss her little self when she gets older. E, on the other hand, would never make such a gaffe like that. She is unbelievably serious all the time and much more knowledgeable about everything at only 11 years old (minus a couple of weeks). She’s like a little adult – always smirking at my suggestions and rolling her eyes to my uncoolness.

I saw Diane Keaton on Oprah a long time ago, and she was saying that she wrote down a good deal of her children’s discussions, and then she carried these little notes with her throughout the day. She read one out loud, and it was so comical and adorable. The children were bickering at each other, and trying to update their mum, and then sending their love. I thought seriously of doing this – I sometimes think to myself while deep in conversation with the girls and J that I wish someone was there to hear us talking so silly – but then it occurred to me that I might be too busy jotting down their words and miss something golden in the meantime. Should I be cherishing the moments and live them in the now or remember them fondly and perhaps inaccurately later? I reminded myself that actors can be a bit dramatic sometimes, and I moved on.

J thinks I should stop watching Oprah altogether, but it’s not such a bad thing to stop and think. I guess he was referring to the nightmares I used to have when O would be speaking to rapists and molesters. You’d have been scared too. I don’t watch her that often anymore for that reason plus the fact that I get home later.

I have three bowls on the kitchen counter all felted and shaped. They are beautiful. And now you can witness the splendour - I ordered a new digital camera online on Friday in the middle of the night. And faster than Amazon could say 'your order is on the dock', I had it in my hands. I'm feelin' the love for Best Buy!

What should I do for Jane’s birthday? She has forbid me to tell anyone it’s coming up, but I can’t just let it go. Know what I mean? I snuck into her office, and I insisted that I would take her out for lunch on Saturday to one of her favourite places - and I added that if she refused my offer, I would rat her out. I think she is going to cave. I should give her some knitterly love as well, so I may have to rummage through the finished object stash - I'm not thinking there is much, but will keep my fingers crossed all the same. She may just end up with a felted bowl!