Git 'er Done!

My current work in progress is a cabled wrap. I am 3/4 finished which means I have about 45 inches of the needed 60 inches knitted. I am anxious to complete it so that I can start on a gazillion other projects I want to begin. One is definitely the Calorimetry from the newest Knitty. Seems like everyone and their sister is knitting up one!

I am using Bernat Satin in a gold tone, and it drapes just lovely. At $2.49/ball, the wrap is going to set me back less than $10. That makes me quite happy as I am a huge cheapskate! This isn't the time to tell you about my $100 legwarmers. So what if they never see the light of day. They were absolutely glorious to knit, and they feel like butter on my sore calves! Remind me to take a picture some time. I can always use L to model them - her legs are much slimmer and prettier.


T said...

It's me! Congratulations on starting the blog! Who is the wrap for?