Not Quite the Thames

Dear N,

Seriously cute picture of B. She's a funny kid. Hope the family is doing well.

Sorry to hear about the coat. You'll have to post a picture of it so I can fully picture you falling outside of Growing about a growing concern! Perhaps you should wear appropriate shoes for outside and bring your cute ones in a bag to change into when you get to the office.

I apologize for the short post as it's been a busy day and I have plans tomorrow evening. Yes! T and I are actually going out and having dinner at another couple's house. I am making their wedding cake in March so I'll be bringing a mini cake tomorrow for dessert. Still haven't decided what it will look like but I can freestyle.

Here is a picture of the Mississippi taken from one of the bridges that goes to the University of Minnesota. When you come to visit we'll build us a raft and sail on down.