File Under "D"

Dear N,

Excuse my absence from the blog for the past few days. The girl gets one extra day off and disappears! I got so much done at home though and it feels like the house is so much bigger! I was able to pack away all of the Christmas things and store it away in the basement, cleaned the house from top to bottom, replaced the old duvet cover with a new one (don't you just hate putting on duvet covers? ugh!), tidied up all of the electrical and telephone wires, reorganized the hallway and coat closet for easy access to winter items (boy do we need it after Sunday's snowfall), and put away my huge craft pile that was sitting smack in the middle of the floor in the spare room for about a month. Done, done, and done! Oh, and T put on my new windshield wipers and picked up a surprise lunch from our fave italian deli up the street. He's so helpful.

I am on a roll with organizing the house. We've been here since October but haven't really had time to settle in what with T starting grad school, me having to find a job and then two hell-ish weeks dealing with immigration bullsh*t (I'm not bitter), and on top of that, adjusting to a new city and country. We are happy to see 2006 done and over with as it was a trying year. However, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and 2007 will bring with it its own challenges and rewards.

I need your opinion on a few IKEA items. Ideally I would go down to the Goodwill store on Hamilton Road in London and pick up one of their many lovely, vintage pieces of furniture, however, seeing as how this is impossible, I will have to settle for medeocre IKEA stuff. I need storage for all of my craft things/office supplies and am thinking of either a large shelving unit in which I would put some baskets for smaller items or a sideboard type thing. Here are the runner ups:

My favorite right now is probably the second one. I like that things can be hidden behind the doors. I'll probably need to buy it relatively soon so let me know what you think!

Take good care and wear sensible shoes,