Sweet Celebrations

Hey there N!

Again, no camera set up so no picture. We seem to be on a run of bad camera luck. I did take a shot of the cake that I made for the dinner last night. We'll have to wait and see how it turns out, but the recipients of the cake loved it. I'm very pleased as they still want me to do their wedding cake after seeing the sample. It's actually only the top tier of a cupcake tower but it will be the cake used for the ceremonious cake cutting .

How exciting that your cousin asked you to decorate her wedding cupcakes! You still have time to take the cake decorating classes that Michael's offers. I took all three and the rest is history. I do miss the cake decorating since moving to Minneapolis. Hopefully my co-worker's wedding in March will get the ball rolling for me down here. Hey, remember the cactus cake that we made for E's birthday last year? You must have a picture of it somewhere in your computer. If you can find it, post it and also e-mail it to me (thanks!).

Here is some cake/cupcake related info.

West Coast Crafty has a post today about cupcakes and links to some cupcake bakeshops that make them.

This is where I get the inspiration for a lot of my cakes. I could oggle their cake gallery for hours.

And hopefully tonight I can muster up the energy to begin this very cute knitted cupcake hat for my friend's daughter who's birthday is coming up soon.

Unrelated to cupcakes but is a celebration nonetheless, is Martin Luther King Day this Monday, January 15. That's why we are having the long weekend and you poor Canadians have to work.
At least you can enjoy your ketchup chips and Coffee Crisp bars at the office.

Bye for now,