Good Times

Hello T!

I gave away my beautiful felted bowl to my parents’ best friends on the weekend before taking a second picture, but do not dismay! I was so amazed at how well it turned out that I whipped up another in a mere hour and a half. The second bowl is knit with white Lopi wool, and as noted everywhere, white wool does not felt well. It’s true. I have run it through the wash twice, and I will try again later once I have a few more bowls knit up so I can run a slew of them through some hot sudsy water.

To take a break from the bowls, I started up an earflap hat in my Manos del Uruguay. It’s so pretty. My fingers are reaping the benefits of a slightly more expensive wool. It works up so nice and fast. You really ought to treat yourself to skein or two!

You sound very refreshed after your weekend of cleaning and organizing. I had a similar experience when we tackled B’s room –it’s amazing how much a 4-year old accumulates! I was astounded. Her room seems ten times larger. The last of the holiday decorations were boxed on Saturday morning, and we were able to reclaim the living room as well. Good times!

I would have to agree with you that the second cabinet is the winner. Drawers can hide loads of ugliness, but I think it depends on what you’re storing. If it is craft material like yarn and fabric, maybe it would be nicer displayed through the frosty glass. Cash in on all those lovely colours! Note the Canadian spelling. I am also looking for a pretty storage idea for my yarn – it’s all over the place in baskets, in bags, in boxes . . . I may check out the Goodwill again. I was hesitant about huffing a giant cabinet into the trunk of the Focus by myself last week, but maybe I can convince J to come along with me on Saturday. I am sure there are thrift stores in Minneapolis! You could also wait until late spring when the yard sales pop up everywhere, but you sound fairly anxious. Go with your heart. That’s cheesy advice, and I love cheese.

Speaking of cheese, I brought a chunk of Stilton with mango and ginger for lunch today. Mmmm.

I am not sure what’s happening with the camera at home. I am very tempted to shoot a couple shots with the CR digital camera, but I will hold off for a couple more days. I am sure J has a plan up his sleeve that probably involves buying a new one.

Oh where, oh where have all my friends gone?

the only one left,