New Year’s Resolutions


I thought I would start the blog with some resolutions. My first resolution should be to make resolutions for the New Year. Honestly, I keep forgetting, or rather I have chosen to forget. Here are just a few in no particular order.

· Knit using my never-ending stash of yarn! Start Christmas and birthday knitting ASAP! Become a relentless member of the KNIT Club at my LYS.
· Get out the new sewing machine at least once a week. Finish L’s quilt by her birthday in early February.
· Post to the blog at least every other day.
· Clean the laundry area.
· Become a serious gardener despite the enormous and terrifying bumblebees.
· Take two trips – Ohio and Minnesota. Make that three – my parents are paying for a shopping trip to Michigan. Woo-hoo.
· Create a career portfolio for interviews.
· Cut out caffeine again – I will continue to drink coffee and tea, but I will insist on decaf – as much as possible since J refuses to drink fake java, I may have to disguise it by refilling an agreeable regular container.
· Give my children more mum time.
· Become the ultimate crafter!
· Have a more positive attitude about work and life in general. I tend to imagine the worst possible scenario for everything – imagine things are going to work out just fine.
· Go through all of our belongings and give to Freecycle.
· Go to gym.

This looks more like a to-do list than some resolutions to which I may or may not adhere. Wish me luck!