Winter Blahs

Dear N,

Look at what Lion Brand sent to my e-mail this morning!

It'll be held at the Mall of America from February 17-18th. I am definitely going but probably alone, as I am not mean enough to subject T to a knitting event. You should come.

I have fallen down with a case of the winter blahs. It hasn't been a tough winter by any stretch so I'm not complaining, however I'm just tired of being indoors all the time. Like you, my desk has no window access so most of the time I don't even know what the weather is like. The organization is moving soon to another location so I am hoping that I will have a window. Anyway, to help with the blahs I dropped by my local greenhouse and picked up a bunch of hyacinth bulbs. I then stopped into the thrift store and picked up some pretty little glasses in which to grow the bulbs and they are now all lined up in a pretty little row on the window sill above my diningroom buffet. They make me happy to look at them.

What lovely brooches! Love the bird too. Is he going to eat the brooch?

I hope that your Crouch Library knitting group will happen. How exciting would that be? If you become the facilitator perhaps you could change the time to the evening. Not that I don't want the old ladies to come, they are a great source of knitting knowledge, but that would allow people who work during the day to attend. Keep me posted.

I started knitting up one of the felted bowls last night. They do really knit up fast. I am hoping to get a couple done so I can give T's mother one when she comes down next week. I cannot wait for my copy of One Skein to arrive from Amazon. We heart Amazon!!

Hope you have a productive weekend. I, for one, cannot wait for this week to be over. The temperature is supposed to drop these next few days so I plan on picking up a few balls of chocolate brown wool and knitting the days away in front of the fire. Happy weekend!