My New Nemesis - Auto Archive

Hey T.

Actually Auto Archive is more of an opponent at the moment. Huda has lost (or archived) all the messages in her inbox, and I found the location on her computer where her Outlook files are 'archived', but I can not for the life of me open them up or throw them back into Outlook. Doesn't the word 'archive' insinuate a sense of retrieval??? It's really more of a 'Joe' problem than an N problem to me.

Steering away from work, I found the cactus cake picture you requested. Feast your eyes!
Remember how skimpy I went on the green icing - the cake is practically glaring at me from underneath! L's birthday is coming up quickly again. This year I think I am going to go with a reconstructive clothing theme. Confused? I am going to modify the Rip It! and Generation T books for the 11-year olds. We're going to rip up some tees and make sequined wristbands from old sweater cuffs and scarf belts from men's ties. I am going to ask Ciara or Alyssa if they could come over and give the girls makeovers - Jane thought it was a great idea. What should I do for the cake - or cupcakes? I thought little appetizers and finger food would be good for dinner.

I'm leaving work early and heading over to the thrift store. Yippee!